ALL orders require approximately 1 week notice, and is based on availability. Put your placeholder in early!!!

Cake pricing varies, as each cake is custom baked and decorated. Below are our sizes, approximate servings, and starting price. Prices will vary based upon flavor choices and intricacy of design. For a more precise quote, please call or email with a description of what you have in mind. Base price includes classic cake flavors (french vanilla, dark chocolate, marble), vanilla buttercream, and basic inscription and decoration. Special/intricate decorating priced accordingly.


cakes – french vanilla, dark chocolate, spice, carrot, pumpkin, red velvet,
berry swirl (raspberry or strawberry), lemon, orange, tipsy chocolate, marble, cinnamon swirl

fillings– french silk, whole berry (raspberry or strawberry), lemon curd, candy bar, cookies and cream, or any flavored buttercream

buttercream flavors – vanilla, pb, chocolate, cream cheese, strawberry, raspberry, marshmallow, lemon, orange, spicing, caramel, peppermint, maple, irish cream, mocha