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cakes – french vanilla, dark chocolate, spice, carrot, pumpkin, red velvet,
berry swirl (raspberry or strawberry), lemon, orange, tipsy chocolate, marble, cinnamon swirl

buttercream flavors – vanilla, pb, chocolate, cream cheese, strawberry, raspberry, marshmallow, lemon, orange, spicing, caramel, peppermint, maple, irish cream, mocha

fillings– french silk, whole berry (raspberry or strawberry), lemon curd, candy bar, cookies and cream, or any flavored buttercream

Mini • $.75/ea • $9/dozen
Regular • $1.75/ea • $19/dozen
Jumbo Stuffed • $3.25/ea • $36/dozen

Mini and Regular cupcakes feature a cake and buttercream flavor. Jumbos also contain a filling. Please, a minimum of 6 per flavor combination!